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Kink Aware Coaching is…





as in: “not straight”, “not ‘normal’ sex…” (but more fun)
as in: “different and that does not make it less”
as in: “isn’t that not just ‘urban lifestyle’, these days?”
as in: “fun, loving, hot and sometimes not… that accepted”
Kink as in: really personal to me!”

as in: “decennia of knowledge and experience…”
as in: “understanding it both theoretical as practical”
as in: “aware of both the upsides and the downsides”
Aware as in: “We don’t necessarily have to talk about kink. But at least you don’t have to be silent about it!

as in: “future- and (emotional) insight-oriented”
as in: “acceptance and accompaniment: going this route together”
as in: “directed towards results…”
Coaching as in: “together we work on the quality of your life!”





Kink Aware Coach

A small ‘warning’ here…
Questions will be answered here openly. Sexuality will be covered here and I will openly talk about ‘Kinks’ such as Polyamory, Fetish, BDSM, Swinging. And I will talk about them as a possible and integral part of our lifestyle…
If this is not your cup of tea? Then there is a lot of world-wide-web outside these pages you are welcome to visit…

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