Now what is that “compersion” thing in #Polyamory?

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Now what is this “compersion” thing?
Compersion (or “Frubble”) is a positive loving feeling you feel towards your partner (and perhaps even toward your partners partner) when you see or hear your partner enjoying things he/she does with someone else. It is more or less the opposite of jealousy (even tho you might sometimes feel jealousy and compersion at exactly the same time)

Compersion is enjoying giving the love by giving space.

Sometimes people mistake it for voyeurism but that is a feeling on another level. Voyeurism is more like the kick of seeing your partner making love, seeing your partner as a sex-object. In itself nothing wrong with that but compersion has a higher level where you enjoy the glow in your partners face when he she had a great day/evening/night with someone else… enjoying the enjoyment of your partner.

Compersion is being happy about the fact that your partner is happy. (full stop… without the “because then can I…” or the “at least now I don’t have to…” of the tit-for-tat “bargaining relations”-approach)

More about this in Dutch: Wat is “compersie”?

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