Respect is sexy


sexyhotpantsas an ‘old fart’ I’d like to teach the young bulls a lesson.

And you did read the lesson already:

Respects is sexy for women!

Let’s be very clear: We all like to watch women  wearing skimpy clothes. We like hotpants when they show leg, we like miniskirts that are designed to be a belt…

So if we do, let’s remind ourselves it takes guts to show your female sexiness. Specially if there are asswhipes who find it necessary to offend girls to mask their uncertainty if they are looking at sexy woman.

Respect their courage, for it takes guts!
Compliment them for their courage and they will feel good about themsleves.

If only for selfish reasons!
Let those women know you respect their guts, And if you hear other ‘men’ giving catcalls or disrespectful remarks: let ’em have it. Those remarks blow our chances to enjoy the freedom we fought for, the freedom to enjoy women when they have the guts to dress up. It isn’t that long ago (at least in my eyes) that women were to ‘behave’ and dress decent.

A woman that has the courage to submit or flaunt their sexiness has more balls than the hissing asswhipes in the street that discourage her to “do her thang”

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