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KinkAwareCoach_BallbustingEric la Servante ( writes in reaction to KinkAware.Info-Ballbusting:
Since my first contact with BDSM I like to serve Ladies who take pleasure to hurt my balls. This happens mostly by ballbusting. My first Lady (2005-2010) was cautious. She gave me ballbusting only as punishment. For my next Lady (2007-2010) and my current mistress (since 2014) ballbusting is a mix of humiliation/punishment/sadism.
Oddly enough it excites me very much to be smacked or even kicked in the balls… erections are unavoidable then. My current mistress has punished me in a sexbios last year in front of an audience. I endured 10 hard kicks, some of which brought me to my knees and one even punched “my lights out”.
My question is: in online fetish stories people often talk of slaves who climax by ballbusting. Is such a thing possible?

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Eric, the mind is a flexible thing. We’re able to forge the most intricate links between feelings and in fetish we all know that there can be links between pain and erections 😉
Having said that nothing is impossible in a brain with on the one hand more connections than there are starts in the currently known universe (imagine that!) and on the other hand an enormous potential to sprout and connect. But mostly what I hear is that people more have mindgasms from this kind of pain rather than orgasms.
The feeling of -as you stated- being degraded by kicking in the balls, and the pain you are able to suffer for your misstress is for some malt submissives a huge mental kick.


A word of warning here tho, this is not without risk (actually: quite the opposite!).
As you said when your “lights were punched out”: ball busting is an enormous shock to the vegetative system. And it has happened that a heart-block was the result, especially over 45. So I would urge any male or female Dom(me) that likes to kick their masochistic sub in the nuts to take a Red Cross First Aid course and learn CPR.
It is a RACK-thing (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and you should both know what you are into. No need to spread unnecessary fear but also not something you should… uhhmmmm lightly “hop into” 😉


About the orgasms: mostly orgasms -if they can be reached by administrating pain- are often easier achieved by slowly inclining pain than by short sharp shocks. So if you’t try to reach an orgasm I would advice your Lady to deliver series of light and rather fast blows, slightly increasing increasing in intensity and pain so that the pain resembles jerking off a bit.
No guarantees, but I would bet on that being your biggest chance…

Be careful and …have fun :-S

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