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I offer private meetings (Amsterdam based), phone-calls, skyping & hangouts, emails, workshops, chemsex-informed groups and (un)conferences.

private sessions

When you’re in the the area we can meet for a talk in my praxis.
-individual talks that last up to 75 minutes:

€95,= / 75mins.

-Relationship Coaching with 2, 3 or 4 people:

€115,= / 75mins.

Sometimes distance or travel-expenses are a reason to talk online rather than IRL. And Zoom is always a possibility.

Same as IRL


Some people don’t like face-to-face so calling by foon or whatsapp is a possibility too.

€30,= / 30 mins. – €60,= / 60 mins.

emails & texting

Of course, reading and writing both take time but some people just like writing better than talking. And a quick whatsapp here-and-there can give a lot of direction (please remember that I do have a life and therefore not always will be able to answer within a few hours)

€30,= / 30 mins.

chemsex choice management

Chemsex Choice Management is an online group for gays and kinksters into ‘chems’ to crank up their sex. All fun and games 😉 until the chems are starting to get in the way. It’s about your choices: information and worksheets for people trying to integrate their (kinky) sex and their chemsex wants and needs.

Pay what it’s worth to you


I’ve organized both generic and private workshops for both laymen and professionals (learning to be more Kink Aware Professional). Both online workshops and IRL workshops

Prices may differ


We’ve organized several unconferences now and they’ve always done the trick in motivating people to take an active stance toward informing ones self.

Prices may differ

For a gay guy, if you are not gonna be ‘the stud’, you might as well be the freak! 
Dragqueens have taught us this: You are not gonna to beat me up because I’m gonna dress up! I am going to create this image that is so powerful that you just can’t get to me.

Patrick Moore (talking about about andy Warholl)

Published by KinkindeRelatie

A Kink Aware and openminded (relationship) coach. That does not mean you have to talk about kink, but at least here you don't have to be silent about it.

2 thoughts on “Products /Choices

  1. Main memory of Amsterdam: Was there in November of 1973. Had the absolute best dinner of my entire life at an Indonesian restaurant there!! It was 6 or 7 course. Have never found an Indonesian restaurant in Los Angeles that even came close!


    1. I am sorry to say that I don’t deliver Indonesian Meals to LA 😉 We could arrange that I eat a meal from Kantjil & de Tiger (most likely it was that restaurant) while we’re skyping but that would be one of the oddest coaching-questions I would ever have had 😉


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