What’s in my oh so Domly first Aid kit? (apart from chocolate)

NurseYes, I would advice anyone that is into a bit of heavier play to have a redcross (or lighter version) of first aid knowledge. No really, how hard is that and it could save lives.
Also you could (next to this lighthearted version) have a serious look at a home-family First Aid-kit

Now what could ( I am not saying “should” ’cause I know your allergic reactions to that word) be in your private Kit?

  • Rope-scissors (if you can cut the roses you can cut rope)
  • A 0,5 l bottle of water for the first afterplay thirst
  • The before mentioned bar of chocolate (to be fed from between your teeth to wet (see the the preceding paragraph) lips
  • Alcohol (NOT to rub on open wounds! but to clean stuff)
  • Arnica ointment (DO try it on allergic reactions BEFORE rubbing it all over the blue imprint you created)
  • Tweezers (now how many times I asked you to sand down that cross?)
  • A Schnellverband/Snelverband (weet iemand hoe je dat in het Engels vertaalt?[Google suggests “fast connection” but I tend to disagree])
    Seriously: do carry one. You do NOT want to be without it if you need one (especially during knifeplay nights)
  • a pair of pair of nonlatex gloves (will you really be able to keep ’em hygienic?)
  • 1 instant cold compress (yes you’ll use it frequently when you got one)
  • Perhaps a booklet or little map (now where were those bleedin’ arteries located again?) see: [the Red Cross Store] …oh and if you don’t remember where they were. just stick your finger in the wound -of fist on the wound- and press firmly!
  • NO tourniquette! (the bastards tend to stay on to damn long and if you know your arteries you wont need ’em… and most likely you have plenty of bondage gear in your Dom(me) ‘goodybag’ anyway

So… what did I miss? People are bound to have their own additions, I think 😀

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A Kink Aware and openminded (relationship) coach. That does not mean you have to talk about kink, but at least here you don't have to be silent about it.

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