Sexual polarities to understand the Kinks of your relationship

Consider your sexual polarities


I’d like to understand the kicks of my partner… / I’d like to come out of the closet to my partner… / I’d like to converse about my kicks…
…but I don’t know where to start.
If you see certain aspects of sexuality in their polarity you could use that as a good start for conversations such as the ones mentioned in the ‘question’.

Consider your sexual polarities

Don’t think these questions over very long, just tick the boxes where you would place yourself on the different sexual polarities.

You could just have a look at this to better understand yourself and what you have to offer in a relationship. You could just have a look at your partner’s score to better understand him/her.
You could both fill this out and both send it to me: it could be a nice basis for a good conversation via Skype.
Other ideas might be:

  • You could score your experience in one color and your interest in another
  • You could score your partner in another color and ask whether your ideas fit their reality
  • You could both fantasize in which polarity a new step in your relationship could be found

If you like, you could also make use of these files (same content, different layout):

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A Kink Aware and openminded (relationship) coach. That does not mean you have to talk about kink, but at least here you don't have to be silent about it.

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