HEUTE (an art project with a cause)


HEUTE enters the world disguised as PORNO STORE, a faux multimedia sex shop located in imaginary cyberspace. PORNO STORE exists only to start conversations about sex and sex workers in mind-opening ways. PORNO STORE delves into the cyber-reality of sex working in times of Covid-19, SESTA, and FOSTA while opening discussions on how to protect those who bravely sell the most consumed product of modern society: sex.

HEUTE, the porno store
(an art project with a cause)

PORNO STORE launches with a glossy ‘the Zine’ and an interactive t-shirt that seduces the audience to call numbers and scan codes to “buy sex”, reminding the world that the market only exists because of its true demand. It also provides a virtual anonymous private void for people to confess their deepest sexual fantasies, helping them get more in touch with their desires.

PORNO STORE is an art project designed to attract attention to the hypocrisy in the world about prostitution.

HEUTE enters this scary world disguised as PORNO STORE in an attempt to remind it of the importance of having a healthy, open attitude towards sex, a basic human need. Variety is the spice of life and bodily pleasure is what makes being stardust trapped in a meat suit that much sweeter.
We celebrate the unsung heroes that indulge our most intimate hedonistic desires and believe the world should too.

And I’m actually proud that I write for the Zine* and that I personally cover the right cheek of a tongue-in-cheek project with a serious cause 🙂

75% of the profits of this project will be donated to PROUD(Dutch Union for Sex Workers) and other NGOs. We urge our patrons to make their own donation towards this incredible organisation that is helping sex workers survive this dark time in human history. Every donation makes a difference.

This is for the brave ones, selling the most consumed product of modern society…


Hans (Kink Aware Coach .com)

Mijn vraag aan jou:

Sex is not the enemy!

So… let’s talk! 🙂


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