Chemsex: addiction & dependence


I hear you help people that are having problems with chemsex?
Could you say more about that, please?
Sure! have talked about the subject before on our ‘Kinky Talks’ (English) that I do with our fab Adalberto. We’ve talked about it in our Tabootalks’ (Dutch). And I’ll talk about it on Sunday of the Mister International Rubber (MIR) convention in Chicago (alas, online from Amsterdam) 😉

Chemsex: Chems and sex

One can look at chemsex as a ‘problem’ (which it is because it might kill sexuality and life-quality…) and look at it as a ‘solution’ (which it is also because there might be release and relief hidden under it). In my talk for MIR, I will talk as a practitioner without blame and with some practical ‘experience’ my self (I often say “I have not used heroin for I the list I did use might get a tad bit too long”).

I will deliver a rather ‘packed’ talk that will be going into the why’s of using chems, a bit into the why’s of (gay & kinky) high impact parties, a bit into the how’s of sex-positive integrative addiction treatment.
It is geared toward both chemsex enthusiasts and the people who help them when it gets out of hand.

In my work, I think it is important to not step into the trapdoor of denying the reasons underneath addiction (the dependence part of the problem) and the ways that this is nested in our societal problems with both sex and drugs.

Since society does not really know how to deal with these taboo-subjects, it is only to be expected that the combination of both the taboo of sex and the taboo of drugs (in ChemSex) certainly could use some extra ‘light’ shed on the subject.


Facebook group: RealClearFetish
If you think your group should be here too: let me know!

A sex-positive light that does not preach sexual abstinence in a sober or regulated life. Once the flame goes really cold because “sex is something that now ‘belongs’ to the world of chems”… then it is kinda hard to rekindle.

No shame… Responsibility instead of guilt…
& yay for realistic fun 🙂

I will answer questions afterwards, and if you’ve missed it, or if you’d like to have more info on ‘paper’ you’ll probably know how to reach me if you are reading this here 😉 (yup, click ‘contact’)

So, let’s talk 🙂

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