A rant about ‘breaking’ subs


I’m going to take you apart… and leave you broken

Just a small Rant about those domly Dom’s that state: “I will break you apart… And then rebuild you as I please”

Sounds nice but it is stupid!
Let me explain why:


A lot of Doms can not clearly explain the difference between punishment and funisment…
If you take a closer look at exactly what someone is saying when they are saying (sometimes even in their ‘bio’s’ :
“I will break you apart and rebuild you as I please”…
1 – As a therapist: We do know rather well how to break people. A small research and you could find your private youtube ‘how to’…
But -and I am saying this as a 40 year + Dominant and a 30 year + therapist- We do NOT know very well how to build up people really well after they were taken apart.
2– So you are willing to break someone for your pleasure without taking the consequences for THEM into account
3– Statements like this are rather appealing for younger and inexperienced subs with mental health problems that are on the lookout for ways to improve their mental state. It lures them into laying their fate in the hands of an ‘A-hole’ that doesn’t know shit about helping people…
So chances are you end up like:
I’m going to take you apart… and leave you broken


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