Monkeypox and Sexparties

Monkeypox and Sexparties
Monkeypox virus.

Monkeypox is a disease from a virus that isn’t really airborne but gets (most likely) spread by rubbing skin to skin, or by infected skin cells that still lay around somewhere after they were rubbed off the tiny scabs from former lesions.

Monkeypox and Sexparties

Although there actually is a really small chance of dying for people with comprised immune systems, most people don’t even get too ill.
If you’ve had a mild fever, malaise, headache, and swollen lymph nodes, then that may just have been your incubation period! So from now on, if that was the first stage of monkeypox, you would develop small lesions in the mouth and actually all over the body. Lesions that are contagious.

Science has shown that -contrary to vanilla beliefs- us kinksters are more aware and more responsible than ‘vanillas’. But we do have more sex, and in more places. Hence the reason why we should protect each other from Monkeypox.


So hopefully, you act responsibly. And be honest: that isn’t even that hard.
You don’t even need to stay in, like with Corona. No need for strict quarantines.
But do take your responsibility and do not exchange saliva, no kisses, don’t rub your skin against other people’s skin and clean up the surfaces you had sex on before somebody else has sex there. And go to your health clinician for safety.

In that respect monkeypox is one of the more ‘sturdy’ viruses, so cleaning up your sex-surfaces might be more comparable with a Hep C – cleaning approach…).
So for cleaning tips before and after have a look at:

Clinical course

After infection an incubation period of 7-14 days with fever, malaise, headache, weakness and swollen lymph nodes (generalized or localized -e.g. neck, armpit, groin-).
Then the appearance of the infectious lesions: first rashes on any given part of the body including the mouth. Then little bumps -like pimples- or bigger bumps like pox, small ‘blisters’ filled with a little puss that eventually may pop. And then in the final -still contagious- phase those will be scabbing over and resolving. This process takes 2-4 weeks in which you could spread the virus and therefore should take care of your fellows…

Recognising in others
It can develop a bit like pimples on the location that was in contact with a dirty sex-surfaces or infected skin. Lesions are well-circumscribed, sometimes look like pimples, sometimtes are deep-seated, and often develop a bit of a dot on the top of the lesion.
Those lesions are relatively of the same size and at the same stage of ‘development’ on a single site of the body (ex: pustules on face or vesicles on legs)…
Don’t touch, don’t rub, don’t kiss and just ask if someone with these leasions perhaps recently had a mild fever, malaise, headache, and/or swollen lymph nodes.

Have fun and take care 🙂


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