Gadhā Armour Release

cultural appropriation

I am an experienced Gadhā Release Therapist 

The Gadhā Release Therapy (G.R.T.)
Because of the energetic properties of the fingers, we can only find a superficial release by using the hand. So using the lingam is advised to produce a more deepened and profound repeated release of energy and a deeply experienced emotional release of the root chakra armour.
Sometimes a therapeutic helper needs to acquire fluidity and smoothness by releasing the nectar of the Galā by repeated exploration of the deep Galā, as to create more of a sweet acceptance of the energy massage stick to release that Gadhā armour…
unless, of course, if you are more into painal.

If you happened to stop reading this because you hate that cultural appropriation bullshit? That is exactly what I meant to say!

Gadhā Armour Release???

A “therapist” who tours the world with therapeutic bondage sessions for a ‘mere’ €2000,= really got under my skin. Like in the offerings of some boundary-crossing tantra ‘therapists’, the mere use of some cultural appropriative Indian terminology is enough to stop people from thinking for themselves and start spending money on absolute BS. This way of therapeutic scamming enters the world of BDSM here and there. And I only like to help you all remind: Shibari really is not that old. So claiming Shibari, being an ancient discipline used to align Chakras in order to ‘be healed’ is utter nonsense and complete BS and mainly aimed to get your money ASAP.

Please think for yourself and I like to quote Haag when he gave the inspiration for my ‘Gadhā Release Therapy’: Can rope bondage be therapeutic? Fuck yes… so can a good assfucking. It is not, however: “Therapy”.

a bit of critical thinking… puh-lease!



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