Now what is that “compersion” thing in #Polyamory?

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Now what is this “compersion” thing?
Compersion (or “Frubble”) is a positive loving feeling you feel towards your partner (and perhaps even toward your partners partner) when you see or hear your partner enjoying things he/she does with someone else. It is more or less the opposite of jealousy (even tho you might sometimes feel jealousy and compersion at exactly the same time)

Compersion is enjoying giving the love by giving space.

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Assholes, beware of the gay avenger

Kinky parties have their own Rules. One important rule is “respect for the ladies” (for if they do not enjoy themselves and feel safe to show off, the whole party collapses in on itself.
So in America we did read about the gay avenger…

Wonder when he’s coming to Erope (or maybe he is?)

Do read here about

the Gay Avenger <insert super hero sounds here>

Distraction vs Acceptation … or is it?

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since I am battling with the feeling of craving of an addiction I am looking for distractions. What are your thoughts?


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Norman Spack on about Gender fluïdity

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If you attend the bigger parties, you’re soon to notice: Not every woman is female. Not every man has XY-genes. That makes it a bit unclear if your looking at homosexuality when you see a man kissing a man… and vice versa.

It’s clear: those parties are often places  where the “gender versatile people” go… Gender fluidity is something you can encounter and that might be a bit puzzling for people at first.

So here’s a TED-talk to help you to think about these things and form your own opinion.

Norman Spack talks about his work. Norman is a physician who helped hundreds of transgender teens to become who they want to be (a TED-talk) . Continue reading Norman Spack on about Gender fluïdity

Are there Daddies who do have control


Just out of curiosity and frustration… Are there any Daddies who do have actually control of their own lives, their emotions, and have stability in their established relationships?
I know complete utter control every second of every day is impossible, but… I’m starting to lose faith that true Daddies and true Doms even exist, and it saddens me.


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