What goes wrong in Chemsex treatments? -02-

Sexuality/Drugs Let’s talk about the ‘botttom’-aspects of “chemsex” problems? About our ideas of what should be possible and our self image.Let’s have a bit of a look at porn. And how to enjoy it better.

Chemsex: addiction & dependence

Sexuality Question: I hear you help people that are having problems with chemsex? Could you say more about that, please? Answer: Sure! have talked about the subject before on our ‘Kinky Talks’ (English) that I do with our fab Adalberto. We’ve talked about it in our ‘Tabootalks’ (Dutch). And I’ll talk about it on SundayContinue reading “Chemsex: addiction & dependence”

About Sex and GHB and XTC … and about dependency perhabs?

About Sex and GHB and ecstasy … and dependency Question: ” Dear Hans, My problem is that I have difficulty letting go of my “inhibitions”. Because of this I’m hardly ever excited, I’ve never came and I almost never really want sex. But there was one time where it’s been different: when I was usingContinue reading “About Sex and GHB and XTC … and about dependency perhabs?”

Hissing behind her back or expecting her to do the next step

Etiquette (for men) Well, guys, let me be frank. If I see a rubber clad or leather cuffed girl I am getting all kind of urges. But the thing is: these ar MY urges. Sometimes on adult parties I hear from the ladies that they were groped outside the darkroom, that men were hissing behindContinue reading “Hissing behind her back or expecting her to do the next step”

-Roeskunstenaars en Roesknoeiers

Dope Question: Wat is het verschil tussen “roeskunstenaars” versus “roesknoeiers”? Hans Answer: Gebruik van dope wordt steeds normaler. Waar er vroeger alcohol de belangrijkste drug was, is dit aan het veranderen. In het laatste onderzoek van het Trimbos Instituut dat zo’n 60% van de respondenten wel eens drugs gebruikt. En het wordt ook sociaal gezienContinue reading “-Roeskunstenaars en Roesknoeiers”

Verslaving …can be a bitch! (wat je zelf kan doen)

Dope Wat mij betreft: niks mis met middelengebruik als het je levenskwaliteit verbetert. En de parties voor volwassenen daar kom je nog wel eens wat drugs tegen. Nou zie je na regelmatig gebruik van chemicals die inwerken op je mind soms inderdaad verslaving ontstaan. Dat is niet zwak of dom, dat is voornamelijk lastig. En als jeContinue reading “Verslaving …can be a bitch! (wat je zelf kan doen)”