Chemsex (online)

I noticed my kinky side even before puberty, explored that -amongst other aspects of life- ever since. And after having enjoyed all kinds of dope in my days, I pulled myself together and started working on my career as a therapist and coach. A Kink Aware Coach since 2011.

My name is Hans West.
I am working as an integrative addiction coach since 1995 and as a kink aware coach since 2010

After having worked with other chronic illnesses, I started working in the field of addiction. And from the beginning, and still, I can not understand that people try to cure addiction as if it were a flu!

Chemsex Management

Sex-positive online help for people that like to understand and regulate their drugintake/ sex-risks during sex parties and chemsex parties.
NOT telling you what you SHOULD do (like trying to ‘should’ you into “stopping”) but helping you to choose by having a close look at the things you want to have done and starting to how to do those things.

interested?.. let me know here

sex-positive, drug-realistic, choice-positive, self-responsible


Integrative Addiction Management

find the lessons hidden in the ‘addiction’ and ‘dependencies’

explore the reasons of “chemsex” to improve the quality of your (sex)life

help integrate the wants and needs that were hidden in the addiction

Explore and ditch shame (about both your kinks and your dope-use)

My Professional Past

Physiotherapist/Breathing therapist at Dutch Asthmaclinic in Davos (CH)
(1984 – 1992)
Helping people to recognise and regulate their chronic illnesses themselves.

Addiction specialist / Psychomotor Therapist
(1993 – 2022)
Help people understand how their chronic affliction can be recognised earlier and therefore managed better.

Chemsex treatment
(2019 – 2021)
Helping guys in Choices understand how fun sex, and sex-parties can add quality to your life if you understand the reasons for sex and for the drugs you’d like to use.

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