HansWest-closeupI have been a practitioner for over 30 years now. Starting to work with clients as a physiotherapist in a Dutch Astma clinic in Davos Switzerland. That’s where I learned to work with diseases that might not be curable. Breathing and relaxation were important factors in helping clients to recognize earlier that a (physical) problem might be arising. When I returned to Holland after 9 years (missed Amsterdam) I worked in Psychiatry ward as an Integrative Movement Therapist (combining talk-therapy, breathing, movement therapy and even creative therapy forms). And worked with cancer clients. Not so much to get them ‘cured’ but to help them to at least gain quality of life, even if therpy would not translate immediately to quantity of life.
Because I found the therapy concept a little narrow minded in the psychiatry wards at the time (“you should not think like that“) I made a move toward addiction therapy that was managed nicely poorly so I could do my own thing and work from motivational and educational viewpoint years before that became the norm.
In my point of view it is important to not only direct yourself toward the symptom-bearer of addictions and dependencies, so I always welcomed spouses, friends, even colleagues… the VIP’s in one’s life.

About kink: I discovered it very early in my pre-puberty but it took me till the age of 20 to take it seriously and act upon it. After that things went uphill steeply (or down hill as some might perceive) ;-). The important thing is that I went in with 2 feet first. I followed a lot of courses in techniques and organized discussion-evenings with other Dominants. Later on I started teaching techniques and when I was screwed over after 20 years of investment by the same before mentioned lame management and fearful bureaucracy, I made the decision to take the leap and I came out ‘of the closet’ as a professional too, and started my private practice.
Combining my specialization in Couple-therapy courses of my integrative therapy schooling, with my ‘hands on’ knowledge about kink, and with the years of experience I had with working within social systems, I integrated my own way of working as a Kink Aware (Relationship) Coach. And I have done so over years know.

HansWestZW glimlachRelatively ‘known’ in the Dutch scene I would like to make a case being connected and responsible. I want to argue for responsibility amongst each other in the scene, for being accountable and for quality of life.

Together with Adalberto I do the free Kinky Talks about monthly and I bi-weekly (sexpositively) help People with chemsex-problems online.

As a coach: Let me help you… to provide answers for questions, to help you provide your own answer, to offer you a listening ear as an experienced therapist in different fields. I do not judge easily and I am flexible.
So if you’re looking for coaching as a kinkster you might want to consider.

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