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sensual needle play

Location: Online
€ 17.50 per person

Tickets via Biletto:
> Tuesday 15 Feb’22 19:30 – 21:30

Presentation: Hans
Theory + Demonstration

An online workshop about the ‘ins and outs’ 😉 of needleplay.

You’ll learn about safety, equipment and techniques in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The workshop is for anyone interested in needle play: the pricking, the undergoing or (for now) just the theory of it. This workshop consists mostly of theory and practical tips.

As said: this online workshop is for beginners (if you want larger ‘projects’, a private workshop is better suited). We’ll be talking about materials: think of needles, gloves, disinfectants and/or sharpies containers.
We advise practising (if you want to) on yourself and/or on someone that has consented to this. For the people who think: “it looks nice but I think it’s really scary”… we take your feelings into account and there is absolutely nothing you have to do! (in fact, there are even people who have successfully completed this workshop IRL to get rid of their needle phobia) 🙂

General information about Kink Aware Coach workshops,
what to expect/not to expect

My workshops are aimed at anyone interested in kink/fetish. Groups are small: 10-12 people. The atmosphere is relaxed, and there is laughter. There is no dress code. Actually, we’re all very ordinary people. 😉 is expressly not about the “one twue way”. In fact, I’m more about spreading knowledge, personal responsibility, communication & consent and relational responsibility…

Online workshops -of course- are online. A private workshop can be at your’s or at my place (please take travel expenses into account).

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