the Narcisistic fracture of ‘Domlyhood’ (a good thing)

the feelings of Dom(me)s: the Narcisistic fracture of my Domlyhood

A stern Domly face
A gorilla with a stern Domly face šŸ˜‰

Us Dom(me)s… especially the male ones amybe, we don’t really like to talk much about feelings. Especially our own feelings are often a bit ‘off limit’ for others to adres during play. We act, we demand, we look stern and maybe approve but mostly we are not too candid about vulnerable feelings.
And then of course there are always posts on discussion fora or remarks from some good teachers in BDSM-stuff that will teach you about that horrific “C”-word… communication.
And actually they make sense. So here I would like to mention some “Dom(me)-feelings” you could encounter and to talk about amongst each other, or with your playpartner(s).
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Venting or Gossiping: What’s the difference?


This is actually a question that was part of a conversation…. But the answer to this question seems more interesting than the (rhetorical) question in itself…

KinkAwareCoach-UndercurrentQuestion: if I talk with my sistersĀ about my partner, that helps me to get the things of my chest, right?
Answer:Ā “Yo”.. (or “Nes”… meaning Yes-or-No depending on the way you do it.

Yes, trying to press away emotions in your heart is probably not the best way to find emotional health.
But there is a big difference between “venting” and “gossip”. Continue reading Venting or Gossiping: What’s the difference?