11/10 – a closet is no place to live!


Out of the Closet?

Getting out of the closet requires courage… every time again
Not rarely, people, with or without a relationship, have trouble finding out their “other than usual sexuality.” And to me, that seems only logical in a society that is so closed-minded to its own sexuality that everything different is immediately being condemned.
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Norman Spack on TED.com about Gender fluïdity

Sex (Shizzle)

If you attend the bigger parties, you’re soon to notice: Not every woman is female. Not every man has XY-genes. That makes it a bit unclear if your looking at homosexuality when you see a man kissing a man… and vice versa.

It’s clear: those parties are often places  where the “gender versatile people” go… Gender fluidity is something you can encounter and that might be a bit puzzling for people at first.

So here’s a TED-talk to help you to think about these things and form your own opinion.

Norman Spack talks about his work. Norman is a physician who helped hundreds of transgender teens to become who they want to be (a TED-talk) . Continue reading Norman Spack on TED.com about Gender fluïdity