8 okt’16 – Europerve party – 30th birthday

Party Europerve 30th Birthday Europerve is one of the first real fetish (rubber/latex) parties in the world. It has been quiet for many a year but it is alive and kicking again for the 5rd resurrection┬áin a row. It is not so much a sex-party -even tho sexyness is all around of course- it isContinue reading “8 okt’16 – Europerve party – 30th birthday”

UNLEASHED New Year Ball – 3 jan 2015

UNLEASHED fetish underground brings you a dark night encounters and bizarre happening in a unique celebration which will open your new year in the most extravagant way. Join for an exclusive and wild New Year party full of kink, bubbles and sparkles at one of Amsterdam most beautiful venues Panama Nightclub Amsterdam. Zie: http://unleashedparty.nl/

Dominatrix 13 & 14 March 2015

Dominatrix still thinks it could make improvements! To achieve this, they need your help. Within a few weeks we will introduce a special inquiry section at the Dominatrix┬« website, where you can help us to improve Dominatrix┬« with your imput. U can add whatever you would like to make your Dominatrix┬« weekend even better. WeContinue reading “Dominatrix 13 & 14 March 2015”