Kink Aware Coaching

“Sex is one of life’s qualities if you do it right :-D”

Q: What makes coaching “Kink Aware Coaching”?
A: As a Kink Aware Professional you are sx positive and aware of the fact that sexuality comes in many forms and flavours. It’s not op to us to decide nabout things like “good” of “bad”. It might not even be the right question whether kinky sex CAN be either good or bad (I think not). It is not helpful to think about kink in good-or-bad terms.
As a coach you help people to lead a healthy and rich life with the ups and downs that belong to life. And as a Kink Aware Coach you won’t judge the woman that likes to beat up men for fun. You help her find men that like to be beaten up and find ways to fit this in the rest of her life. As a Kink Aware Professional  (K.A.P.) you don’t start about  the trauma’s of your youth if a man likes to be in a triad with other men or women. They could be found there, many people have traumalike memories (I would like to use the word Trauma for really traumatic evenst) but does that make kinky sex unhealthy? (again I think not) And if it’s important to talk about childhood it is not with the covert reason behind it to ‘cure’ that kink. You talk about the past as a KAP to help people understand why it might be difficult to live your kinks. A Kink Aware Relationship Coach  doesn’t start relational problemseeking when three or four people choose for polyamorie or swinging. You help to make it work, to find ways to live it and be happy with the wonderful things and the problems that arise from it.

When speaking to a Kink Aware Coach you don’t have to talk about kink all the time. The thing is… you don’t have to be silent about it anymore!