Am I a sex-addict?

(Relationship) Shizzle Question: It’s been more than two weeks since I have had sex and now I am literally going stir crazy. I can’t sleep and I can’t stop wanting sex really bad. I am out of town for work and I honestly want to be faithful to my boy. I have been masturbating, butContinue reading “Am I a sex-addict?”

Now what is that “compersion” thing in #Polyamory?

(Relationship) Shizzle Question: Now what is this “compersion” thing? Answer: Compersion (or “Frubble”) is a positive loving feeling you feel towards your partner (and perhaps even toward your partners partner) when you see or hear your partner enjoying things he/she does with someone else. It is more or less the opposite of jealousy (even thoContinue reading “Now what is that “compersion” thing in #Polyamory?”

Are there Daddies who do have control

Relationship-Shizzle Question: Just out of curiosity and frustration… Are there any Daddies who do have actually control of their own lives, their emotions, and have stability in their established relationships? I know complete utter control every second of every day is impossible, but… I’m starting to lose faith that true Daddies and true Doms evenContinue reading “Are there Daddies who do have control”

“NRE” (New Relationship Energy) …wat is dat?

woorden… (talk about sex) Question: “NRE” …wat is dat? basics Answer: NRE (New Relationship Energy) Het prettige gevoel van spanning, erotische lading (verliefdheid) dat nou eenmaal verbonden is met de start van iedere nieuwe romantische relatie. Een dergelijke ‘verliefdheid’ (hoewel sommige mensen niet graag die term gebruiken -soms omdat het voor sommige mensen bedreigend voeltContinue reading ““NRE” (New Relationship Energy) …wat is dat?”