A present for a bondage lover #NoMassacrePlease

BDSM Question: I would really like to buy a nice “safety knife” for the birthday of a friend who is crazy about bondage. You know to cut ropes if needed… Do you also have a tip for me what to look for? Answer: In my opinion, you really find beautiful knives with money in (expensive)Continue reading “A present for a bondage lover #NoMassacrePlease”

Bondage tips (The Tao of the Rope)

BDSM Question: Hans, I’d like to start with bondage… Could you give me a hand? Answer: Well… apart from giving a hand I’d better give you some safetytips and a series of youtu.be’s so you can start yourself and follow the leads Youtube gives to start surfing. I am not a ‘bondagemaster’ myself but IContinue reading “Bondage tips (The Tao of the Rope)”

What’s in my oh so Domly first Aid kit? (apart from chocolate)

Yes, I would advice anyone that is into a bit of heavier play to have a redcross (or lighter version) of first aid knowledge. No really, how hard is that and it could save lives. Also you could (next to this lighthearted version) have a serious look at a home-family First Aid-kit Now what couldContinue reading “What’s in my oh so Domly first Aid kit? (apart from chocolate)”