A present for a bondage lover #NoMassacrePlease



I would really like to buy a nice “safety knife” for the birthday of a friend who is crazy about bondage. You know to cut ropes if needed…
Do you also have a tip for me what to look for?
In my opinion, you really find beautiful knives with money in (expensive) shops or with a bit of luck (for example in France along the highway)
BUT more importantly … I’d like warn against creating a massacre !!!

To get rid of a bondage fast, a knife is NOT useful!

Knives and bondages

Just think about it a little. When are you going to cut your expensive rope?…
You really do this in emergency situations only. Where you don’t have time or when you’re just too nervous to loosen knots … and then you would start poke with a nicely sharpened knife between corded ropes to cut … you see the massacre that potentially would give?
Or, at such a moment, you may find that should not try to do it that way. And in a slight panic you start to saw on that rope from the outside…. But while doing that and that moment you have sawed through that corded rope, so that this is just cut-rope springs away releasing the tension on the meat that was held back by the rope… straight into the cutting edge of your knife!
Those are gifts that are more fun to give than to actually use 😀

A better idea is …

Less spectacular of course, but you may better have a sharp bandage scissor … with such a nice blunt tip that makes it easy for you to get under the bondage without cutting the skin. Or you can also buy a sharp (!) Garden scissors. One way up with a bend that can easily come under the bondage without pricking into the skin …
This would allow you to quickly cut a rope around the neck when a bondage has been slipped away and reached the neck during a suspension (these are the moments of bondage cutting ). That’s what the scissors need to be around and you really have less of a knife.

A other gift idea is perhaps a receipt for a workshop bondage for beginners * or a piece of good rope* or soms inspirational pics of bondage for the wall or on a T-shirt* . Or an advanced Course* so that you also get to know another style of bondage.

PS .. OK, I stand corrected

To make sure sure that I’m not writing bullshit, I went to “Old man” (Damstreet in A’dam)* today (always a pleasure to snuggle around IRL again) and what is it I see: there is a trend in which knives start to come with a bondage cutting ‘hook’ that is useful for hooking under and cutting bondage rope. But do pay attention!
In another shop, I also saw something similar, but there that knife had such a small hook that it could not fit a 6mm bondage rope, so it could not be cut without starting to yank on that rope heavily. Furthermore, a good scissor has the advantage that you do not have to pull on the ropes as to cut them. The other windings won’t be tightened by the rigger pulling on one of the turns.

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Bondage tips (The Tao of the Rope)



kinkawarecoach_bondage-cvHans, I’d like to start with bondage… Could you give me a hand?
Well… apart from giving a hand I’d better give you some safetytips and a series of youtu.be’s so you can start yourself and follow the leads Youtube gives to start surfing. I am not a ‘bondagemaster’ myself but I would like people to play safely so I can give you at least an idea and a direction to surf. And of course these leads are completely arbitrary and if you have tips for great additions: let me know.

My personal bondage tips are (the Tao of the Rope): Continue reading Bondage tips (The Tao of the Rope)

What’s in my oh so Domly first Aid kit? (apart from chocolate)

NurseYes, I would advice anyone that is into a bit of heavier play to have a redcross (or lighter version) of first aid knowledge. No really, how hard is that and it could save lives.
Also you could (next to this lighthearted version) have a serious look at a home-family First Aid-kit

Now what could ( I am not saying “should” ’cause I know your allergic reactions to that word) be in your private Kit? Continue reading What’s in my oh so Domly first Aid kit? (apart from chocolate)