You have any sex – addiction tips? #ABDL

Sexuality Question I have a fetish for diapers and I don not mean to stop liking that stuff, what I experience as a problem is the urge to pleasure myself when I see or think about a diaper. I want my abdl life to be pure, like that of a child’s. Not masturbating fives timesContinue reading “You have any sex – addiction tips? #ABDL”

2 Juli 2014 de docu-films: “Eroticide” en “Kink doc” in Worm R’dam

Woensdag 2 Juli 2014 om·20:00 worden in Worm (Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam) de twee docu-films “Eroticide” en “Kink doc” met een introductie door Hans. De kosten zijn 7 Euros (reserveer jou ticket op