More about “sexual polarities”… (9 questions)

Consider your sexual polarities


I’ve talked about the sexual polarities before (see here*). People liked a little more explanation with this so: this time a post with a little bit more text for you to be able to get a better feel for the options in play.

Of course these are just very crude polarities, for every axis of BDSM has it’s own paradoxical aspects. I’d love to submit to you and be degraded by you but I’d totally want to be respected in doing so. I’d like to smack you and perhaps even see you cry because I really care for you and your masochism. I really want to be shackled and bound so that I won’t have any possibilities to withstand those evil sexual kicks of my partner and I am left really no other choice but enjoying them immensely 🙂
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About Sex and GHB and XTC … and about dependency perhabs?

About Sex and GHB and ecstasy … and dependency

Kink Aware Coach Lady Parts Question: ” Dear Hans,
My problem is that I have difficulty letting go of my “inhibitions”. Because of this I’m hardly ever excited, I’ve never came and I almost never really want sex. But there was one time where it’s been different: when I was using XTC. After the pill hit me I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of sex and I even showed that to my friend. I know it’s not the right way: using drugs regularly for sex, but I long for that feeling again.
Can you tell me how I can experiment with GHB and/or XTC? And whether this can help me with the inhibitions which I have and/or the control-issues that I can not let go?”
Sincerely, E.

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Adult parties: let’s talk sense

Lets talk about adult party-life.
Not just the hype, not only the fun part but also the serious shit. 1999 is long gone. It’s time to be responsible adults and party.
For a lot of people adult parties are a regular part of their life. But we tend to hush and shut up about it. So as a consequence stupid and unnecessary mistakes are made because crucial information is missing. And in our minds this is at least a pity, sometimes it is downright dangerous or hurtful.

So we like to talk about things.

and we’d like you to enter the conversation.

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words… (talk about sex)

“incel” …wat is that?


involuntary celibacy
The term “involuntary celibacy”, means that someone is living in celibacy, not out of belief or because someone wants it but because somebody doesn’t know how to initiate sex in his/her life. Continue reading “Incel”