a Q&A about ABDL with Emma for Bold Pleasures


Emma and I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about ABDL for Bold Pleasures* which I thin is really informative to the general public. We ended up talking for one and a half hours about ABDL with Sonja to clarify things about this growing but often frowned upon fetish.
In a world where rappers are ridiculizing ABDL, while at the same time wanting to be called “Daddy” by their “little girls”, we talk like adults about ABDL… #funnyworld 🙂


We tried to keep the general audience in mind but we did not shy away from some tougher questions and shed some light on this subject. As Sonja puts it:

“ABDL is more about warmth and caring than about icky stuff”

ABDL stands for Adult Baby / Diaper Lover.
Basically, two distinct fetishes that needn’t be, but are often combined. The “little” in the dynamic that experiences him-/herself as young enough to wear diapers is often seen as an “adult baby”. But the love for the feeling of wearing a diaper can also be seen with “age-fluent” age-players that don’t like to be babied.

We spoke about the definitions and the deeper meanings behind ABDL. We tried to explain to the general public about the things “littles” and “bigs” enjoy about age play.
We said something about the general idea that “wanting to play to be a kid is a sign of a mental disorder” (well, it is not).
We tried also to shine some light on ABDL/age playing versus pedophilia.

All-in-all I think we did a good job in explaining this often misunderstood fetish.

But take a look for yourself if this interests you (30 mins for free) on Bold Pleasures (.com)*.

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