Am I a sex-addict?

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It’s been more than two weeks since I have had sex and now I am literally going stir crazy. I can’t sleep and I can’t stop wanting sex really bad. I am out of town for work and I honestly want to be faithful to my boy. I have been masturbating, but it got to point that this doesn’t do too much for me anymore. I really feel like the walls are closing in on me.


‘Addictions’ and habits are seldomly kicked for the long time by NOT doing something (even though everybody says that you gotta STOP the thing you’re doing).
Sometimes horniness is not just horniness but a distraction from other feelings and/or it is a way of getting yourself something that really does not *have* to relate to sex.
For instant: nothing wrong with feeling worthwhile because you’re good at giving head. But if you have no alternatives and you gotta prove your self worth on a daily basis…

Of course this is a bit of a simple example. I only gave it to help you perhaps find alternatives for honest wants, hopes and urges that might superficially feel like horniness but that could be satisfied in other ways. So you could take your phnoe or a piece of paper and write about the things that sex would give you if it wasn’t sex.
Habits aren’t kicked by NOT DOING something, they’re kicked by DOING (other) things (like doing the alternatives or accepting the underlying feelings) in order to not have to do the ‘addiction-thing’

Whish you well and let me know if you got more questions,


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